Join us for a training session that’s a bit different

The world is changing fast. New challenges need new approaches. There are lots of new ideas and corresponding jargon that people are getting very excited about. 

New Thinking Behind the Jargon (North)

Join us for a training session that's a bit different

The world is changing fast. New challenges need new approaches. There are lots of new ideas and corresponding jargon that people are getting very excited about. 

Some housing associations are really getting into ABCD, others full on Co-Pro. In the news, restorative justice techniques are being used (including the hateful attack on Gareth Thomas). Some councils are testing Participatory Budgeting after a resurgence in Scotland. Is the future Passivhaus or Modular?  Do you know the difference is between Co-Pro and ABCD?

Does it make your head spin? Confused by the jargon?  Do you pretend to understand but really don't?   In practice, there are some brilliant new ideas and approaches being developed but do you know where to start?

This course is designed for all tenants, people new to housing either staff or new board members.

We will explain what these concepts are, the advantages and disadvantages and point you in the right direction to get you started. 

We will cover 10-15 concepts. You will not come out being a fully certified expert in each, but we promise you will be able to talk with confidence as organisations looks at new ways of doing things.

Join us on this new learning event.

The actual subjects haven’t been finalised but likely to include the following:             


Likely to include

Models of engagement and services


Direct/Medical ‘v’s Charity model; Co-production; ABCD;  Lean/System thinking

Community engagement


Restorative Practice /Restorative Justice; Participatory Budgeting; World Café; Citizen Jury,

New homes


Traditional build v’s modular building;  Greener homes; Passivhaus

Wider concepts used in Health & Economy in Wales

Foundational Economy; Social Prescribing



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New Thinking Behind the Jargon (North)


Thursday 07 February 2019, 09:45 - 15:00

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Wednesday 23 January 2019

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David Wilton

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