Cartrefi Conwy Tenant & Chair
Bill Hunt 
White LineBill is the Chair of TPAS Cymru. He's committed to excellence in all things related to Customer Service and Quality. Strives to achieve consistently high standards and always seeks improvement where possible. An authority on Governance. 

Wales & West Residents Steering Panel
David Davies 
White LineDavid was a Board Member of Wales & West Housing for 9 years. He has also has experience on other Boards namely WWHA’S Residents Panel Steering Group, CIH Cymru, Voluntary Action Merthyr Tydfil, Care and Repair Merthyr Tydfil and Welsh Tenants.

Adra Tenants & Residents Partnership
Derek Hainge 
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Derek is an experienced Tenant champion and has served on TPAS Cymru Board for a number of years. He has many years of tenant participation experience and has been at the heart of a number of successful tenant initiatives. 


Gwalia's Resident Disability Group
Emma Parcell
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As an active tenant within Gwalia Housing Association, Emma is the Vice Chair of the Residents Disability Group and a member of ServiceWatch (The Tenant Scrutiny Panel). As part of the Disability Group, Emma developed and built a website.  She is tenant focussed with a good understanding of housing matters.


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Family Housing Tenants Panel
Mel Rayner
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Mel is a graduate of Leeds University. He lives in Swansea and has been involved in tenant participation since 2010. Mel is a Board Member of Family Housing Association (Wales) Ltd and is also the Vice Chair of Age Cymru West Glamorgan. He has been a member of the TPAS Cymru Board since November 2015 and is also a member of their governance group.




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Heather Christan
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Heather is a retired housing association scheme manager, with over 12 years experience in rented and privately owned housing. She values tenant participation and has been a member of a Resident Participation Steering Group for 4 years and a resident Board Member for 1 year.  Heather believes that TPAS Cymru is a valuable asset for all and she is proud to have been elected to the Board.


Joe Frampton
White Line Joe works in the Community Investment Team at United Welsh. He has experience in Tenant Participation, Community Investment and Welsh Housing Policy.




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Carmarthenshire Council
Les James
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Les is passionate about social housing and the difference we can make to people’s lives. It is important to him that landlords deliver the best services to their tenants and are accountable for their actions

Neighbourhood & Participation Manager at United Welsh
Victoria Miller
White Line Vicki is Neighbourhood & Participation Manager at United Welsh, responsible for tenancy management and community investment. Vicki previously worked in RSLs and LAs in Wales & England.

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Cartrefi Conwy
Laura Thomas
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Laura is heavily involved in tenant participation, organisational and community governance having worked for 2 award winning LSVT’s in England and Wales.