3 weeks into his new role at TPAS Cymru, Ryan spills all


Meet Ryan - our new Projects Co-ordinator

Having been in my role at TPAS Cymru for just over 3 weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, reflect on my experiences in the role up to this date, and provide some background information about myself.

Starting a new role and joining a new organisation can be challenging at the best of times, and with COVID-19 restrictions this can be amplified even further. However, I did not feel this was the case at TPAS Cymru. From the very first day I have felt like a valued team member, and I have been given the responsibility and tools to carry out this role effectively. Being given experiences early on such as meeting the rest of the team, the Board, and the Chairman has allowed me to find my feet quickly in this organisation and help me feel at home here.

These first three weeks have flown by, and I have already been able to get involved with a range of events and tasks. Focus groups, Officers Networks, Tenant Networks, Scrutiny Panels, and in-house training, just to name a few. This diverse workload means that no two days are the same, and in these past three weeks I have learnt more about the housing sector than I have in my entire life. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with tenants, landlords and housing professionals who are so knowledgeable. One thing that has struck me already is that everyone I interact with has their own story, and their own specific situation. Because of this, I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting with more and more people, learning how I can be the best at my role, and continue to help TPAS Cymru make a real difference.

As well as working with TPAS Cymru, I am also studying a Master’s degree in Project Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University. As a Project Co-ordinator for TPAS Cymru, I am looking forward using the theory and skills I have learnt to help TPAS Cymru continue to do the fantastic work they already do. Additionally, I am planning to write my university dissertation around Project Management in the housing sector. This will allow me to gain valuable insights and provide recommendations about the ways projects are run within housing, which I look forward to sharing with TPAS Cymru and the wider housing network.

These first three weeks have given me a good introduction to the work I will be doing at TPAS Cymru, and I am looking forward to getting more stuck in throughout the next few months. There are many exciting projects and events that TPAS Cymru are planning which I can’t wait to get started on. I look forward to meeting as many TPAS Cymru members as possible over the next few months so that I can introduce myself in person, or at least by video!

Ryan Newton, Project Co-ordinator

Tel: 02920 237303

[email protected]