TPAS Cymru Net Zero

Learning and Development Support

Why is this important?

Net Zero is the biggest challenge for social housing and tenants, for the next ten to fifteen years. For it to succeed, it’s vital that staff and tenants are educated and engaged in this subject.

TPAS Cymru has developed an exciting multi-option learning and development package focused on Net Zero in housing.


1. Organisation and tenants gain a knowledge and understanding of Net Zero.

2. A wider picture of why Wales is going Net Zero, and why that is important.

3. A cohesive unit of staff that can relay information on Net Zero to tenants and other staff, resulting in an increased level of trust with tenants.

4. Ideas of how to engage your tenants in Net Zero via different techniques

5. An educated, informed, and positive group of staff, tenants, and board members who are up to speed with Net Zero read to face the challenge.


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