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03 December 2018
Sex for Rent in Wales

The horrific reality that tenants are asked to provide sexual favours to keep a roof over their head 

28 November 2018
Think You Know How To Keep Tenants at The Heart?

What does 'Tenants at the Heart' really mean to tenants? See 10 key points identified at our 2018 Annual Conference 


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02 August 2016
80mins that changed Social Housing forever

80mins that changed Social Housing forever. Cathy Come Home at 50

01 July 2016
Public Ombudsman for Wales is listening

Yesterday I attended a round table with senior officers from the Public Ombudsman for Wales, alongside representatives of charities, the third sector and advocacy groups from across Wales.

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11 October 2018
15 H&S recommendations that Boards need to follow

Regulation report for health and safety identifies a need for tenant engagemen

03 October 2018
Generation Rent & Rent Poverty in Wales

The BBC published an interactive map that shows the scale of the problem facing young people trying to rent.


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27 July 2018
Creating Great Communities Conference - from a tenant's perspective

A Linc Cymru tenant shares her thoughts of our recent Creating Great Communities Conference.  Read on ....

23 May 2018
The Right Stuff – Improving Housing Association Governance in Wales

In March 2018 the Regulatory Board for Wales published: The Right Stuff – Improving Housing Association Governance in Wales download your copy here. 


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White Line The Board is the governing body of TPAS Cymru and consists of elected representatives from our membership plus other representatives from partner organisations. The Management Board, in collaboration with senior staff, decides strategy, priorities and policies and ensures that TPAS Cymru remain true to it's core values of promoting tenant participation in communities throughout Wales.