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13 November 2019
AGM Agenda

Easy-Read Agenda for AGM 2018-2019

14 August 2019
Should Freedom of Information Include Welsh Housing?

From this November (2019), Housing Associations in Scotland will come under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. Wales does not have the same devolved powers as Scotland, however, the Information Commissioner based in England has repeatedly noted an important difference between housing associations and local authorities (Councils). Housing Associations are not currently subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation, whereas local authorities are. 

11 July 2019
'Tenants' Voice' Services

In response to the publication of the Regulatory Board for Wales report ‘The Right Stuff: Hearing the Tenants’ Voice’ – TPAS Cymru has developed a range of essential support services to help landlord organisations meet the key messages of the report and the Regulatory Performance Standards.

10 July 2019
Minister makes a decision on the Affordable Housing Review

What's next for affordable housing? Read on to find out how the Minister has responded to the Affordable Housing Supply Review recommendations.


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06 December 2019
Things I learnt when starting up a Facebook group

If you are thinking of setting up a Facebook group, here are my top tips from my own experiences.

14 November 2019
TPAS Cymru Disability Networks

TPAS Cymru holds networks twice a year for tenants and staff in social housing who have an interest in housing related issues affecting people with disabilities and their carers. The networks are informal and participatory and give delegates a chance to share their experiences, successes and lessons learned.


Our Board
TPAS Cymru's Management Board
White Line The Board is the governing body of TPAS Cymru and consists of elected representatives from our membership plus other representatives from partner organisations. The Management Board, in collaboration with senior staff, decides strategy, priorities and policies and ensures that TPAS Cymru remain true to it's core values of promoting tenant participation in communities throughout Wales.