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21 July 2021
Consultation on new Regulatory Statuses and Standards for The Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales

Are you interested in influencing the way Housing Associations in Wales are regulated or just want to find out more about the subject?


08 July 2021
Meet Ryan - our new Projects Co-ordinator

3 weeks into his new role at TPAS Cymru, Ryan spills all


28 June 2021
The Agenda (Edition 9) – Tenant Scrutiny

Do you agree that landlords should be held to account and take the opinions, concerns, and views of tenants seriously? Tenant Scrutiny can ensure that happens. Learn about the benefits of tenant scrutiny and how to get involved.

07 June 2021
Moving Tenant Engagement forward Themed Month

During July we will be hosting an exciting programme of innovative events to help landlords and tenants to examine emerging issues and explore opportunities


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03 November 2020
Does your accommodation pass the TikTok test?

With regard to tenants, renting & engagement, we’ve noticed 3 compelling themes emerging from predominantly younger people who are private renting.

02 August 2020
Installing a Drinking Water Fountain - what you need to know

For under £5k, your community could have an amazing community asset


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White Line The Board is the governing body of TPAS Cymru and consists of elected representatives from our membership plus other representatives from partner organisations. The Management Board, in collaboration with senior staff, decides strategy, priorities and policies and ensures that TPAS Cymru remain true to it's core values of promoting tenant participation in communities throughout Wales.