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14 October 2021
10 Things from our Health and Safety Week

As we draw a close to our Health and Safety week, we have pulled together ten of the key points our tenant and landlord speaker shared

12 October 2021
TPAS Cymru Annual Conference 2021

Putting tenants first: involving tenants in the big housing issues

07 October 2021
TPAS Cymru – ‘Good Practice Awards’ 2021

Recognising achievements & sharing good practice

29 September 2021
Why the basics in housing services really matter to tenants

This report is our first Annual All Wales Tenant Survey on Tenant Perceptions which explores tenants’ views on their homes, communities and issues that really matter to them


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10 September 2021
Opinion: How ITV has forced social housing to take a hard look at itself

‘Surviving Squalor: Britain’s Housing Shame’ is a must watch for anyone with an interest in social housing.  

03 November 2020
Does your accommodation pass the TikTok test?

With regard to tenants, renting & engagement, we’ve noticed 3 compelling themes emerging from predominantly younger people who are private renting.


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