TPAS Annual Report
Tenants input is at the heart of TPAS Cymru...it's whats we are about.White LineWe know you have great things to contribute and below we set out different ways in which you can get your voice heard so you can make a real difference. It’s likely that your landlord; whether a Housing Association or Local Council; has resident or community groups that you want your voice, but in this article we explore the other ways where you can have your say on the bigger issues around policy, direction and issues facing housing in Wales.

Tenant Voices Cymru Forums: Influencing housing policy & decisions 

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Our programme of Tenant Voices Cymru Forums provide tenants with an opportunity to engage directly with Welsh Government officials, Senedd representatives and housing sector decision makers to share their views on issues which affect them.   

Forum sessions are open to all tenants from across Wales and  tenants are welcome to join all sessions or just those covering subject areas they are interested in.   

In previous sessions we have arranged opportunities for tenants to engage with a range of housing decision makers and influencers including: 

  • Head of Regulation Strategy & Policy at Welsh Government  
  • Welsh Government Residents Reform Policy Manager: Safer Buildings 
  • Welsh Government – WHQS23 (Welsh Housing Quality Standard) Implementation Team  

In addition to the Forums, we can also provide support for tenants who want to amplify their voice about Welsh housing policy by getting involved in a range of other ways, such as:  

  • blogging,  
  • video campaigns 
  • citizen journalism and  
  • providing insight to Senedd Committee hearings . 

 For more information about the Forums or to join our mailing list to find out about future Forums and other  TPAS Cymru events, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you  [email protected]. 


TPAS Cymru's Tenant Pulse Team. 

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We’ve created a small panel of committed tenants who we regularly consult with, to get input and opinions on issues that impact Welsh housing. We call them ‘the Pulse Team’ as they are at the heart of a vibrant housing sector in Wales. They are our extra eyes, ears and voice in our communities.

Most of our conversations take place on via survey tools. They’re typically tenants who want to have their say, but don’t want to get bogged down in lengthy meetings, committees, procedures, and mountains of paper. We like this approach, it’s nimble, cost effective and you can engage on your own terms when it suits you.  Members can win prizes and rewards for their contributions.  
Why not learn more about Tenant Pulse?    OR    Join Tenant Pulse directly here?

We want you to join Pulse Team The next phase is to provide support and training so that those who want to, can amplify their voice by getting involved in blogging, video citizen journalism, and other digital channels. We also see long term benefit of collaboration with Regulatory Board for Wales.  Interested? Join here.  Like other groups, all we will ask is that your input is constructive and that what you have to say is relevant to the tenant involvement agenda.

Welsh Government, Regulatory Board for Wales  & Tenant Voice 

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Here in Wales, there is a strong Housing Regulation team working for Welsh Govenment.  To assist their work there is a independent Regulatory Board for Wales. Like TPAS Cymru, the Regulatory Board is committed to putting tenants at the heart of regulation and citizen-centred principles of governance. TPAS Cymru has a good relationship with the Board and meet with representatives regularly.   Note: 
The Regulatory Board currently do not cover local authority tenants or tenants in private rental sector

TPAS Cymru are always seeking tenants’ views to bring significant issues affecting tenants to the attention of the Regulatory Board and the Regulation Team. We have a number of events both face to face and online where  tenants from housing associations across Wales.  

Why not learn more about the role of the Regulatory Board for Wales? (great 2 min video)

There is also another great 2 min video about  what the Regulatory Board for Wales are currently working on. 


Hearing the tenants voice in the regulation of housing association in Wales TPAS Tenants Voice 

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Who regulates housing associations in Wales?

The Welsh Government’s Housing Regulation Team regulates housing associations registered in Wales, which are also known as ‘Registered Social Landlords’ (RSLs). The aim of regulation is to:

1) protect the interests of current/future tenants and other service users
2)  ensure good quality social housing, in terms of it meeting the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, services which meet tenants’ needs, value for money and financial viability
3) maintain the confidence of funders who lend to housing associations (e.g. banks and building societies)

As explained above,  TPAS Cymru has a positive 'critical friend' relationship with the Regulation Team. If you wish to discuss any issues with us please get in touch.