Reasons You Should Become A Landlord Member White Line

Knowledge And Expertise
Access to a skilled, knowledgeable team with a combined Welsh housing experience of over 60 years supported by strong experience in training, private rental sector, digital strategy and communications.

The Right Advice
We've been promoting, supporting and championing tenant participation and engagement across Wales for over 35+ years.

Access To Related Organisations
Access to knowledge and expertise of TPAS related organisations in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland and from organisations like International Union of Tenants.

Support Better Participation and listening
Demonstrated that as a member, you are supporting better participation and community engagement in Wales.

 New Methods Of Engagement
See the bigger picture. For example learn new methods of engagement, new creative methods or digital tools to widen participation.

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Becoming a member or supporter of TPAS Cymru demonstrates your commitment to ensuring that Tenant Participation and Voice is key to your organisation.

TPAS Cymru has consistently demonstrated that bringing landlords and tenants together can help understand the issues which are important to each other and promote positive outcomes for all.  We help you engage and listen better, as well as giving you access to networks of other committed landlords, tenants, suppliers, and volunteers across Wales.

This sharing of knowledge and experience can help landlords to be more responsive to tenants’ needs. It enables tenants to meet like-minded people and form strong support groups. Above all, it enables all stakeholders to work together to improve services, save money and change communities for the better.

Get in touch to discuss membership. The usual membership is
landlord membership which covers and benefits all staff and tenants of that landlord.   
In addition, for non-landlords who want to improve their tenant and community enagement, we have alternative membership and supporter options below: 
Membership OptionsNet Zero Supporter
White LineOur Net Zero supporter membership club is for companies in demonstrating a support for tenants in creating warmer homes.

TPAS Cymru Net Zero