TPAS Services


Wales Housing Sector
White Line We value working in partnership with a range of organisations to support the social housing sector in Wales. 
These partnerships enable us to continue to improve, develop and expand tenant and community involvement across Wales.

Working with others in Wales helps us to learn, share best practice and expertise and explore new ideas.



UK Wide Tenant Engagement Organisations
White Line TPAS Cymru has the unique benefit of being able to share expertise and good practice with similar 
organisations from around the the devolved nations of the UK bringing new knowledge and insight.

These include TPAS England, TPAS Scotland and Supporting Communities (NI) as well as being members of international tenant organisations and online communities


Welsh Government
White Line TPAS Cymru supports the work of Welsh Government and its programme for government. We are regularly consulted by Welsh Government on developing policies that impact upon tenant and communities. We also take a proactive approach in representing tenant and involvement issues at a range of forums and working groups which shape and influence WG policy and practice.

Community Development & Citizen Engagement
White Line Included in our work with tenants and residents is the aim to develop the strength of individuals to help improve the well-being of their communities. We also seek to promote opportunities for tenants and residents to shape and influence government and public services in Wales, and we work with key organisations to achieve this.



Local Authority