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Welcome to the TPAS Cymru Annual Report for 2014/15. This has been a year of challenge and achievement for TPAS Cymru: one where we have had to continually adapt and review our services to maintain our successes and to meet our members’ changing needs.

The environment we operate in remains challenging for our members, and the economic pressures of the past few years have not gone away. We’ve therefore worked hard to ensure that the participation of tenants and service users is recognised and valued as being essential in ensuring that landlord services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

As ever we will continue to promote new ideas and approaches to participation in order to strengthen its role and place tenants at the heart of evolving housing service delivery and decision making. The Management Committee would like to thank Rob Carey, who stood down as chair during the year, for his leadership and commitment during his term of office. Finally I would like to thank all the committee members and staff who have contributed so ably to our achievements and activities during the year.

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