Affordable Housing Review - FAQs

Who’s commissioned the review?

The review has been commissioned by Rebecca Evans AM, the Minister for Housing and Regeneration.


What is the aim of the review?

The aim of the review is to examine whether more can be done to increase the supply of affordable housing in Wales, and to maximise the resources available. The Welsh Government has set a target of constructing 20,000 affordable homes by the end of the Assembly term in 2021. The Welsh Government are eager to continue their programme of affordable house building beyond 2021, setting even more stretching targets. In addition to constructing more affordable homes the Welsh Government are also eager to improve the design, quality and energy efficiency of new build houses in Wales.


What will the review focus on?

Specifically, the review will:


Who will undertake the review?

On 11 May 2018, the Minister announced the membership of an independent panel that will oversee the review of affordable housing supply. The panel will be chaired by Lynn Pamment, Cardiff Senior Partner and Government and Public Services Lead at PwC. The other members of the panel, include:


When will the review publish its findings?

It is expected that the Panel will publish its findings and recommendations by April 2019.