At TPAS Cymru, we’re proud to empower, inform and share the voices of tenants from all backgrounds and ages. 

The power of tenant involvement - Kyle's story

At TPAS Cymru, we’re proud to empower, inform and share the voices of tenants from all backgrounds and ages. Overall, we're proud to provide a platform for tenants from across Wales to share their voices.

Kyle, a young tenant from Monmouthshire Housing  and a regular at TPAS Cymru events, recently got in touch with us to share how his own journey in social housing has allowed him to grow and feel empowered and supported to live independently. 

Kyle has been a regular attendee at TPAS Cymru events over the past few years, sharing his voice whilst also hearing the latest on insightful topics. Kyle shared; “I would say that the best part of sharing my voice and getting involved as a tenant with TPAS Cymru would be the fact that I can engage with a forum outside of my landlord. I enjoy speaking about the common issues like value for money to influence a better way of life for tenants across Wales.”

On his experience as a tenant, Kyle shared:

“Although houses may just look like bricks and mortar, they hold a more significant purpose to people's lives... they are the very foundation stone of their own unique life story as people, built to last for generations in the past, currently and in the years to come! People do not change housing that much, however... housing changes people forever! And Kyle is a changed man as a result!”

“As an Autistic person, I have never encountered such a moment as daunting as living on your own! The thought of taking responsibility for one’s own actions, both inside and outside of their home to determine the future of their life at first was terrifying. However, with time, I would not have it any other way as my home has become my safe space.”

Are you a tenant in Wales? There are many ways to make your voice heard through our work at TPAS Cymru, such as attending our Tenants Network, becoming a member of Tenant Pulse (our All-Wales survey platform) – or even just following us on social media.