We have now developed a new TESA standalone Governance Module focussed on the tenant voice in governance

Governance & Tenant Voice: review & verification

New TESA module

The national TESA (Tenant Engagement Standards Assessment) support and verification service by TPAS Cymru provides social landlords with advice and evidence to help you demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to tenant engagement and voice.

We have now developed a new TESA standalone Governance Module focussed on the tenant voice in governance.

This new service will help your organisation to independently review and assess your current governance arrangements relating to tenant voice at board level, to consider good practice and to demonstrate how you are meeting the Welsh Government’s ‘Regulatory Standards’.

We can also provide a range of recommendations to help you explore new ways of working, including hearing the voices of a diverse range of tenants at a governance level.





So why should your organisation undertake this verification & assessment service?

The assessment will:

  • Help you to review your current position in delivering tenant engagement in governance and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide independent evidence to demonstrate that you are meeting or working towards meeting Welsh Government expectations and Regulatory Standards.
  • Help to highlight areas of good practice in your organisation.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to tenant involvement in governance.

For more information please contact:

David Lloyd, Programme Director: [email protected]