Talk to us about our professional consultancy services 

Our independent support can focus on what you need -  we will help you find solutions and move forward to make sure you tenant strategy delivers results.
We can work with you to identify the support you need and the outcomes you want
  • Supporting you to ‘rethink’ your approaches to tenant and community involvement to deliver business objectives and value for money
  • Meeting Welsh Government regulatory expectations
  • Widening engagement including hard to reach and under-represented tenants.
  • Enhancing digital participation and communications
  • Improving services and value for money
  • Improving transparency and accountability,
  • Demonstrating social value and return on investment
  • Best practice in scrutiny and challenge
  • Improving communities through innovative techniques
  • Delivering and demonstrating outcomes
  • How to implement new legislation like Rented Homes Act, The Well-being of Future Generations Act
  • Help you maximise the potential for creating ‘value’ through involvement and community projects

Examples of recent consultancy work carried out include:

Local Authorities in North Wales

Independently facilitated In-house sessions for staff and tenants to review current practice, identify changing nature of local authority involvement and identify new opportunities, and priorities for tenant involvement

“It was very informative – facilitator excellent”
“Really enjoyed the day – exchanged a lot of ideas – thank you”

Grwp Cynefin

Independent facilitation of community stakeholder sessions to bring potential partners together to explore collaborative opportunities for community development project. Session planned and delivered and report of findings produced.

“Having an independent facilitator delivering the session proved to be really valuable in exploring options and ideas. The facilitator was professional and skilled at engaging with a range of our stakeholders.”

Linc Cymru

Facilated sessions with tenants and staff to review current practice and explore how to embed a scrutiny approach to existing Tenant Panel.

“As a panel member it’s really helped me”
“Has helped us target areas for improvements”

Caerphilly County Borough Council

Support and training to develop effective Mystery Shopper programme to monitor and review the delivery of housing services.

“Supported all delegate and ensured that they all participated. Well planned and delivered with professionalism throughout”

Pennaf Housing Group

Ongoing support service to help with the implementation of Tenant Involvement Strategy. Includes annual appraisal review of their Service Improvement Committee to review its effectiveness, outcomes, and areas for future work.

“Useful to have the independent input and support to help us evaluate our effectiveness”.

We can also help you:

  • Identify opportunities to develop digital engagement practices to enhance your involvement offer
  • Identify your key tenants and residents profile to ensure you engage with a wider and more representative body of tenants from the wider community.
  • Recruit, support and retain your tenant and community volunteers so they can work with you to co-design services and deliver solutions
  • Map out community ‘assets’ to help deliver sustainable community development projects