TESA (Tenant Engagement Standards Assessment) support and verification service


The TESA (Tenant Engagement Standards Assessment ) support and verification service by TPAS Cymru provides social landlords with advice and evidence to help you demonstrate  your organisation’s commitment to tenant engagement and regulatory standards .

Our Tenant Engagement Standards Assessment will provide you with key benefits including:

  • Having a clear understanding of where your organisation is right now.
  • Have evidence that your organisation complies with Welsh Government’s  regulatory requirements.
  • Show that your organisation is one that is committed to hearing the tenants’ voice.
  • Promote your achievements and commitment using the TESA verification symbol.

Talk to us to find out more and how TESA verification and review can benefit your organisation – we’ll talk you through the benefits and  the process .

In the meantime, for more information:

Take a look at our TESA info briefing

Disrepair/Damp & Mould: supporting the sector to support tenants
Keeping tenants safe in their homes is the core business of a social landlord and we know that tackling damp & mould continues to be a key priority for landlords and tenants. 
In response to ongoing concerns, TPAS Cymru is providing a range of services designed to support the sector to respond to these issues and Welsh Government expectations, and to deliver excellent services that are responsive to the needs of your tenants. See our 2 information briefs below:

Talk to us about our professional consultancy services 

Our independent support can focus on what you need -  we will help you find solutions and move forward to make sure you tenant strategy delivers results.
We can work with you to identify the support you need and the outcomes you want
  • Supporting you to ‘rethink’ your approaches to tenant and community involvement to deliver business objectives and value for money
  • Meeting Welsh Government regulatory expectations
  • Widening engagement including hard to reach and under-represented tenants.
  • Enhancing digital participation and communications
  • Improving services and value for money
  • Improving transparency and accountability,
  • Demonstrating social value and return on investment
  • Best practice in scrutiny and challenge
  • Improving communities through innovative techniques
  • Delivering and demonstrating outcomes
  • How to implement new legislation like Rented Homes Act, The Well-being of Future Generations Act
  • Help you maximise the potential for creating ‘value’ through involvement and community projects