Newydd Scrutiny panel put David Wilton in spotlight as part of their 'Straight Talking' series

10min watch: David Wilton gives his views on tenant participation and what he would change in housing if 'Minister for a day'. Part of Newydd Scrutiny Panel's 'Straight Talking' sessions. Recommeded viewing for learning more about the current issues for social housing and challenges of tenant partcipation. 


Video Timeline:

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your role at TPAS Cymru and what TPAS Cymru aims to do (0.33 seconds)

Why did you choose to work in housing? (2.18)

What do you think social housing has got right and what hasn’t it got right? (2.56)

If you were Housing Minister for the day, what new law would you pass? (5.09)

What things has TPAS Cymru done that you are proud of and what things could they do better? (6.46)

Would you want more tenants to get involved with TPAS’s work and if so, how do you plan to attract them? (7.47)

What are the key things tenants need to have a stronger say on that they are not at the moment? (9.17)

What do you think is the future of tenant engagement?(9.58) Why is tenant scrutiny important for landlords?(11.10)