What do you think?

Should landlords have to provide references from former tenants? 

What do you think?

Private renters usually have to provide reference from previous landlords. But what about landlords?  – is it reasonable to ask your prospective landlord for a reference from a previous tenant?

Would you like to know what previous tenants have said? One Australian resident [Tom Cashman - Tiktok here: (29)Everyone start asking for Landlord References #renting #landlords #syd... | TikTok] thought so,  and his experience went viral when we asked.

In this video, TPAS Cymru’s investigative journalist Sophie Nixon [LinkedIn] explores the arguments for and against landlord references. Do you agree/disagree? 

Once you have watched the video, if you have views on this let us know via quick Tenant Pulse survey we have made on this subject - https://tpascymru.questionpro.eu/PRSideas


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