Does your organisation embed Tenant Participation? No sure? No need to worry, we have all the details and questions for you to make sure they do.

Embedding Tenant Participation in your landlord’s organisation (Agenda Edition 8)

Subjects for Tenant Groups to discuss with their landlord.

Some tenant groups have asked us for topical agenda items/subject briefings for their tenant group to discuss with their landlord.  TPAS Cymru have created a briefing series that we call ‘The Agenda’ which provides tenant groups with an overview of a subject and suggestions of questions you might want to ask in your engagement with your landlord.  This briefing will focus on the following:

Embedding Tenant Participation means that Tenants are ‘at the heart’ of the Landlord’s organisation. The culture of the organisation believes in TP:  all staff, senior managers and the Board (if there is one!) ‘drive’ TP, they understand the benefits of TP and the ways that tenants can ‘get involved’.

The detail

‘The Right Stuff – hearing the tenants voice’, refers to the need for tenant involvement/participation to be ‘embedded’ within landlord organisations. This means that the culture of the organisation ‘lives and breathes’ Tenant Involvement and there is a belief by all staff that Tenant Involvement ‘works’.   

If TP is embedded within the organisation there will be a focus on open and honest relationships with tenants with the landlord being prepared to listen to (and act on) all feedback/input from tenants, including information/facts they don’t want to hear.

Questions for tenants to ask:-

  • Do the leaders of the organisation ‘drive’ Tenant Involvement – does the ‘lead’ on Tenant Involvement comes from ‘the top’?
  • Are all staff committed to TP? e.g. is there an ‘auto-involve’ culture within the organisation where tenants are consulted/involved in making decisions including those at a strategic level?
  • Is Introduction to TP training given to all staff?
  • Is TP included in the job description of all employees in the organisation?
  • Where does TP sit within the structure of the organisation? i.e. does the Senior TP Manager report directly to the CEO?

We would love to hear about your conversations with your landlords. So please email [email protected]