Are you a Social Housing tenant?  Do you rent from the Council or a Housing Association?

The most important Tenant pulse to date

Are you a Social Housing tenant?  Do you rent from the Council or a Housing Association?

A very important decision needs to be made by the Housing Minister, Julie James over the next month and we need your voice right now.  (If you are Private Renter, Shelter Cymru and others are lobbying on your behalf and we will be in touch with a Pulse for you very soon. )

What is the issue?

Rent rises in social housing have traditionally been linked to inflation.  However, at the moment inflation is very high, and we have a cost-of-living crisis with high energy costs.

Welsh Government set specific guidance on any rent increases to Social Landlords.  They are currently considering what rent levels should look like for the next year. TPAS Cymru have been asked by the Minister’s representative to enable the voices of tenants are heard in this discussion.

We need your voice right now to make sure that you are represented in this decision. Your voices in this issue will be heard by the Minister herself.

Option 1 : We have a short Pulse survey covering this important issue. All responses are anonymous, and your data will be anonymised in our results. We need to close the survey by Tuesday night (4th October) to allow time to get your thoughts to the Minister.

The Pulse takes less than 3 minutes to complete, and there will be the chance to enter for a prize draw at the end, to thank you for your time.

Make sure your views are heard by completing the survey here

Option 2:  We are also holding two online focus sessions for tenants on Zoom on Tuesday 4th of October.

This will give you the chance to discuss with other tenants.
Note: We particularly want to hear from tenants who household income is primarly from working income or a mix of working income/Universal Credit 

To register for one of these sessions, please use the links below.

Focus group 1 (Tuesday 4th October, 12:30-1:30pm) - Meeting Registration - Zoom

Focus group 2 (Tuesday 4th October, 5:15pm - 6:15pm) - Meeting Registration - Zoom

If you have any queries about the above, please email [email protected]