On April 25th, we launched our first Tenant Voice Forum. It was free for tenants, emphasising our commitment to accessible and open dialogue

The Voice of Change: Reflecting on Our First Tenant Voice Cymru Forum

“Having the opportunity to speak openly with the MS who obviously valued tenant views and lived experiences was the best thing about the session.”
This sentiment captures the essence of this new platform where tenants across Wales could engage directly with housing decision-makers.

On April 25th, we launched our first Tenant Voice Cymru Forum. It was free for tenants, emphasising our commitment to accessible and open dialogue. The session promised and delivered a unique opportunity for tenants to voice their concerns and suggestions directly to influential figures in the housing sector.

Our keynote speaker, Mabon ap Gwynfor, MS, Chair of the Cross-Party Group on Housing in the Senedd/Welsh Parliament,  not only shared his insights,  but also actively sought feedback from tenants.

“His openness to hearing about the real challenges faced by tenants and considering these perspectives in policy-making was a breath of fresh air.

Feedback from the session was very positive. Tenants appreciated the safe space to discuss pressing housing issues including building safety, upcoming changes with Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) and said they were grateful for the chance to connect with tenants from different regions.

"It was a well-organised event, and the guest speaker was excellent. In fact, there was no best thing, everything about the session was excellent’’, said another tenant.

One of the most significant takeaways was the potential impact of these discussions on future housing policies. Mabon ap Gwynfor listened carefully and noted that the insights gained from the forum would be invaluable in guiding future decisions. This gives hope that the real-life experiences and concerns of tenants will play a central role in shaping the housing policy in Wales.

One participant highlighted the importance of this interaction, saying, "Having a person attend who could actively influence some change hopefully."

Looking forward, the success of this first forum has set the stage for future sessions, where we aim to take the tenant voice forward. We believe in the value of such interactions—not only in providing insights for decision-makers but also in empowering tenants by acknowledging their experiences and opinions.

As we plan for the next Tenant Voice Cymru Forum, we encourage even more tenants to participate. Your voice matters, and your participation is crucial in driving change. Stay tuned for details on our next session, and let's keep this conversation going.

I would like to end this with what one of the attendees said,

"An opportunity to raise housing issues in an open safe space and also hear from tenants from across Wales.’’

This is just the beginning, and your continued engagement will ensure that tenant voices are not just heard but acted upon.

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