Recognising achievements & sharing good practise

TPAS Cymru – ‘Recognition Awards’ 2020

Recognising achievements & sharing good practise


Like lots of large events planned for this year we weren’t able to run our annual celebratory Participation Awards event, we hope it’s back next year, bigger than ever! In the meantime, we want to in some way, recognise the hard work of our members; landlords, tenants and communities, in meeting the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis and in supporting tenants during this difficult time.

To do this we’ve created 4 ‘recognition award’ categories not only to recognise work done but also so that we can share the good practice with others.


What are the categories?

These are the 4 categories – see guidance information for the full details and criteria for each of them

  1. Supporting well-being award
  1. Maintaining Tenant Participation during Lockdown    
  1. Communication during a crisis
  1. Communities Supporting Communities


What is the nominations process?

We also know everyone is busy at this time so have tried to make to the nomination process as simple as possible - see guidance information for the how to submit a nomination (link above) and please complete and return this nomination form.

Remember you can ask for assistance from TPAS Cymru staff: we can advise you about the criteria; filling in the nomination form; and what supporting information you could include.  However, we cannot assist you directly in completing your nomination.