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Engaging wider audiences:  The Power of Digital toolkit

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We are increasingly living in a digital world.  

People are now having more conversations online than they are face to face in their communities.

In response, TPAS Cymru has developed training and support to enable you to communicate and engage with your community via innovative digital methods.

Digital Participation Techniques

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This new 1-day training course is bursting with techniques and solutions to take your community participation to a new level. 

You will be amazed at how simple some of the methods are in reaching a much wider community audience. This is not just about social media, we explore so much more - the digital world is packed with free or low-cost tools and resources to transform your engagement success.

This training event is regularly tweaked to ensure that it is kept constantly up to date and you will learn techniques that you can put into practice and implement straightaway.


Who is this aimed at:  Anyone who wants to expand their online engagement and communicate with a wider range of community participants. Note: This is not for those with limited computer skills. Ideally, participants will be familiar with using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. They are already able to browse online and ideally have used one form of social media.  


Video Participation

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This is not about how to make long, boring, corporate videos. 

This 1-day training is about using your smartphone or tablet to make simple yet effective videos that capture the moment at its best.  We will show you how to make adjustments and add-ons to equipment you already have to maximise your effectiveness.  

We explore innovative methods of how to shoot and edit your films. 

Finally, we look at how to broadcast and amplify to maximise your message to your target audience.

Since launching this course 1 year ago, it has proved to be a real hit. We can deliver it in-house, or we can also run open courses.  

The course is revised and updated for every single delivery so that you will receive the most recent and up-to-date learning.


Who is this aimed at: Anyone who wants to expand their online engagement and communicate with a wider range of community participants. This is not exclusive to tenants or housing officers. Note: This does not require any video experience, however, this is not for those with limited computer skills.  Participants will be familiar with using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. They regularly browse online, take photos, and know how to download an app or a program. 


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Both above can be delivered in-house to mixed groups of tenants and housing professionals. Cost is usually £700 +VAT for up to 15 people. 

This is the most cost-effective way of upskilling your staff and tenants as you can train 15 people for £46 + VAT per person and we will come to your chosen location, which cuts down on travel expenses.

We also run open training courses for individuals to attend in all corners of Wales and costs are usually £69 + VAT per person for members. 

If you are interested in either of the above, contact us now on 02920 237303 or email [email protected]    


Final points  TPAS Tenants Voice 

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Participants on either of above course will receive ongoing support and new updates to ensure that they remain as up to date and as relevant as possible.

There are a number of participants who could benefit from this training (in addition to the usual tenant leaders and community officers).  We have found it well received by communications staff, people working with young people, and those involved in job creation or supporting/mentoring new businesses.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss or know when we are running in your area.