09 September 2020

The Comms Club

Information and insight

‘The Comms Club’ – online communications forum from TPAS Cymru. 

Following feedback from our first ever ‘Comms Club’ forum we will be hosting our next online forum in September for all those working in or involved communications. We’d love you to join us.

Now more than ever getting your communications right for tenants is essential, particularly as service delivery arrangements continue to change.

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20 August 2020

Using Simple Digital Tools to Create and Improve Local Communities.


Using simple digital tools to create and improve local communities.

This 1hr online training will look at fun and free digital tools to help and support your local community.

It’ll be an informal and fun session, packed with practical ideas that can be used by individuals and community-based organisations.Lockdown has made people think about their local community.


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17 September 2020

Tenant Involvement in Landlord Health & Safety


Tenant Involvement in Landlord Health & Safety

How can you involve tenants and residents in landlord health & safety? This fast-paced practical session will explore 3 approaches to involving tenants and help you put this key expectation into action.


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