What you need to know about Friday's 'Green for Grenfell' Day 

The 15th June will mark one year since the Grenfell tragedy. The tragedy shook all of us in Housing and questioned everything we trusted and believed in Housing. TPAS Cymru have been very active in working with other Welsh stakeholders to ensure this must never happen again. The many lessons must be learnt and applied.

Grenfell United is an organisation made up of the survivors and bereaved from the Grenfell Tower fire. Working together they provide as strong voice for all those who survived or lost loved ones in the fire. They are asking communities, schools and organisations to get involved with ‘Green for Grenfell’:

In the days after the fire, the Grenfell community came together in a great show of unity and support, and an enormous amount of support poured in from across the whole of the UK.

It’s this spirit of people coming together that we want Green for Grenfell Day to symbolise.

Friday 15th June is Green for Grenfell Day. We ask you, your communities, and your schools to come together to promote unity, spirit and resilience by:

• wearing green

• working on a local cause or project in your area

• letting us know about it using  #GreenForGrenfellDay

All the information, resources and advice are available here 


If you would like to join TPAS Cymru and others in Wales in showing solidarity and respect on Friday, please let us know about what you are doing and tag us into your photos. We might even rustle up a prize for the best effort.

Also come back to this page as we will update it as we hear about events going on.



Green for Grenfell

Posted by David Wilton

Director, TPAS Cymru