Is Tenant Participation mainstreamed and 'at the heart' of your organisation?

How do you know if Tenant Participation is mainstreamed within your organisation?  Mainstreaming means that all tenants are involved in areas of a landlord's service and decision making and that TP isn't thought of as a separate activity just for TP Officers and specialist support staff outside of the main business of the organisation! TP is 'at the heart' of what you do.  
Here are five 'essentials' for you to check how 'mainstreamed' TP is in your organisation.
  1. All staff have an understanding and awareness of the benefits of tenant participation?
  2. Introduction to TP training is available to all staff?
  3. Senior management support the development of TP?
  4. Tenant Participation is incorporated in the major documents for your organisation, including: the business plan; departmental plans; individual work plans; and job descriptions?
  5. Nominated members of staff from all departments in the organisation have responsibility for TP - they are TP Champions?

If you've replied 'yes' to all of the above you're well on the road to mainstreaming tenant participation within your organisation.