Sector Risks and Regulatory Expectations for Registered Social Landlords


If you attended one of our recent regional Regulation: The Big update events held across Wales you will have heard mention of the updated Risk Paper produced by Welsh Government. The paper is available on the WG website and it is intended to influence the sector’s approach to managing risk effectively. It’s a useful document and can assist Boards, Staff and key stakeholders, including Tenants, to have a better understanding of the risks Registered Social Landlords face in an increasingly complex and diverse sector.

The Boards of RSLs in Wales need to understand the issues and risks faced in delivering their business plans, many of these will be unique to each organisation but there are risks and issues which are relevant to the sector. These are of interest to the Regulator now and are summarised in this paper along with related regulatory expectations.


Click on the link below for a copy of the updated Sector Risk paper