Learn why TPAS Cymru decided to delay the 2016 AGM.

AGM update: 

One of the tasks of the AGM is appointment of Directors.  Each year approx. One-third of current board members step down and new board members are elected.

We expect the grant decision about the same time or very soon after the Conference. 

If the decision is in our favour, its likely we would want to arrange an event to present our agenda, plans and proposed structures to the Welsh Housing Sector.  Our governance structure may need to change and that needs member participation and agreement.

Equally, if the grant decision does not go in our favour, this would mean new directors (the majority of which would be tenants) would need to make some significant painful decisions almost immediately.  Being a Director of an organisation has a number of legal responsibilities and consequences. We do not feel that is fair to new Directors.

Our plan.

The current TPAS Cymru Board have discussed at length, consulted the TPAS Cymru constitution and have agreed at our October Board meeting to postpone the AGM until after the Grant decision is known so we can assess the likely impact.  We are hoping for a positive outcome and will arrange an early spring event to set out our plans, programme of work and hold an AGM to elect appropriate Board members.