Everything you need to know about getting started this proven fundraising option.


Guide to Tap to Donate / Contactless Donations

Some call it ‘Tap to Donate’ …..others call it ‘Contactless Donation’…. we call it the future  for community fundraising.

Tap to Donate” is simply a standalone electronic device with a contactless payment point embedded in it. They can be portable or static, with options for additional branding and messaging if desired.

These devices differ from common retail contactless terminals, as they don’t require a human operator.

Contactless donation is ideal for use in attended and unattended indoor and outdoor environments, museums and galleries, hospitals, high street, events and functions, charity shops, pubs, guesthouses, schools and more.  If you are involved in any community organisation you need to consider this.

Interested? Want to more? You have 3 free resources.

  1. A copy of the webinar is on our Youtube channel. We’ve trimmed the intro and closing section from the live recording to keep your focussed on the key material. It’s only 23mins long so give it a play.   You will enjoy it.    
  2. Why not download our free detailed guide to getting started with Tap to Donate/Contactless donation with examples, key things to consider and a summary of the fee’s charges by key suppliers? 
  3. A PDF copy of the actual slides used in the webinar. Note:  Not a great deal of use without notes and commentary. 

As always if you wish to discuss in more detail or want to share with a community group, get in touch with David Wilton at TPAS Cymru.

David Wilton, Chief Executive, TPAS Cymru

PS David would like to thank to Tim who inspired the idea, and Amelia who made it possible with excellent research.