Regulation report for health and safety identifies a need for tenant engagemen

15 H&S recommendations that Boards need to follow


Regulation report for health and safety identifies a need for tenant engagement


In June, 2018 the Welsh Governments regulation team asked RSL’s in Wales to provide a report on their health and safety regulations. The reports revealed that although RSL’s have a high profile of health and safety policies and processes, there were a number of areas for improvement highlighted by a range of RSL’s. As a result, Welsh Government have released 15 recommendations.


The 15th recommendation states “RSLs should ensure they have appropriate arrangements in place to encourage tenants to engage with and influence landlord health and safety”. We at TPAS Cymru are pleased to hear that tenants have been included in this although we think that tenants’ groups should consider all 15 recommendations. For instance, recommendation 9 states “RSL Boards should consider whether they truly understand the implications of the data they are considering”. Of course, we agree with this, but we would like to know if tenants are truly aware of the implications too and whether the landlords will ensure this as a result of recommendation 15. Perhaps a possibly scrutiny group topic to consider?


If you would like to read the recommendations in more detail, please follow this link.