80mins that changed Social Housing forever. Cathy Come Home at 50


If you work in the Housing Sector, you’ll notice at conferences or events, one of the older delegates or speakers will rightly reference the film ‘Cathy Come Home’ as their inspiration or the reason they got into Housing.

Most of our online readers (including myself) weren’t born when it this BBC television play was released 50 years ago in 1966. For those who haven’t seen it, Ken Loach’s drama tells of ‘…a young mother caught in an impossible, inhuman system, which leaves her homeless, destroys her marriage and ultimately robs her of her children…

’Its’ impact can’t be under emphasised. It caused shockwaves. It changed public perception. It lead to a surge in donations to the charity Shelter and the founding of the charity Crisis the following year. It inspired a generation of people who have worked tirelessly in Social Housing ever since.

The reason for this post is to flag that it’s currently available to watch free on BBC iplayer for the next 29 days. Here at TPAS Cymru, we strongly recommend that you take the 1hr 20mins to watch this amazing television play. You will not regret it. Please take this window of opportunity. Outside of this window – it is available to watch on the Director’s Youtube channel for £1.99 and you can get the DVD on ebay for £5.