Want to get ahead of the game?? Find out what TPAS Cymru events are coming soon.......

Want to get ahead of the game?? Find out what TPAS Cymru events are coming soon.......


How can you involve tenants and residents in landlord health & safety? - Webinar

This updated and practical webinar session will explore 3 approaches to involving tenants and help you put this key expectation into action.

The Welsh Government report into Landlord Health & Safety includes a clear recommendation that tenants should be involved in landlord health & safety.  In addition, the recent Community Housing Cymru framework Safety First in Housing supports the development of a safety engagement strategy with residents based on three core principles: transparency, openness, and accountability.

What arrangements could your landlord organisation put in place? join us on this fast-paced webinar to find out.

Date – Thursday 17th September 2020, 11am – 12noon

Interested? – book here - https://www.tpas.cymru/tenant-involvement-in-landlord-health-safety


New webinars launched! 

We’ve just launched 2 exciting new webinar sessions all about using online and digital tools to support tenants and communities. These are free and exclusively for members and community organisations that our members are involved with.

  • How to Rock at running Webinars. Thursday, 6th August 2020 - 11am to 12noon
  • Using Simple Digital Tools to Create and Improve Local Communities. Thursday, 20th August 2020 - 10.45am to 12 noon

Full details here –

Welsh- https://www.tpas.cymru/digwyddiadau

English - https://www.tpas.cymru/events


"The Comms Club" – For all staff involved in creating communications for tenants  

Following feedback from our first ever ‘Comms Club’ forum we will be hosting our next online forum in September for all those working in or involved in producing great communications. We’d love you to join us.  This informal forum will be a great opportunity to share learning and ideas.

When? – Wednesday 9th September 10:30am – 12noon.  This event is free and exclusively for TPAS Cymru members  

Interested? - For booking and registration details please contact [email protected]


Service Charges

In our conversations with tenants and residents during the Covid-19 pandemic, the topic of Service Charges has come up a lot. Why not take a read of David Wilton’s blog on this subject. https://bit.ly/2E5Oj8L

Plus – if you are planning of running any communications, or consultation sessions on this important subject have a chat with us about how we can support you with this. Contact  [email protected]


Missed a webinar?

Why not take a look through our back catalogue of lots of our previous webinars?  

They are available for member organisations only and their tenants so if you haven’t registered it takes seconds. Follow the link,  register now and watch away  https://www.tpas.cymru/blog/missed-a-webinar or contact [email protected] for more details.