With Wales and the world pushing to reduce carbon emissions and create safer and healthier homes, we’ve seen an influx in technologies and innovation within this space

My favourite Net Zero solutions right now

With Wales and the world pushing to reduce carbon emissions and create safer and healthier homes, we’ve seen an influx in technologies and innovation within this space. I’ve racked up a few favourite low carbon solutions that I’d want in my own home from seeing them at visits and meetings.

So, let’s get into three Net Zero solutions that I’m liking right now:

1. ZenovaIP Thermal Insulating Paint

I became interested in this paint when I first saw it at the Robert Price Sustainable Energy Centre last year, and my main point of interest is in that this can be used in every home. What is it? It’s like normal paint, it comes in any colour you might want, but it increases the thermal insulation level in buildings and therefore the overall temperature.

A big draw to this paint is that it eliminates mould growth and prevents mould growth moving forward. Its lab tested and we’ve seen it being used in retrofit properties across Wales.

More information here: ZENOVA IP Thermal Insulating Paint / Thermal Insulating Coating (zenovagroup.com)

2. Heata

This is a new one that I came across a few weeks ago when visiting a Bron Afon deep retrofit project and it captured my attention. Bron Afon installed radiant heating for the heating of the property, and this Heata system for the hot water. From their website, they said that the idea came from “an innovation project with British Gas; how could we help people living in fuel poverty?”

So, they created a system that utilizes waste heat from energy miners and cloud systems and offers almost free hot water to residents. Heata pays for the costs of running the system and maintenance of it, but the system helps cover up to 80% of hot water bills for residents.

I think that this will be one to keep an eye on.

More information here: heata | about

More information about radiant heating: https://youtu.be/xTnje0zLZsM

3. Intelligent Energy Systems

If you’ve been following the TPAS Cymru Net Zero department for a while, you’ll probably have heard of an intelligent energy system (IES), from our past events and articles. We are big advocates of the IES, as it’s a great way to manage energy use and see where your energy could be put to better use. There are a few different providers of these systems, most commonly Sero and iOpt.

The Sero ‘BEE’ (building energy engine) IES system considers your comfort level of heating, when you want it according to your schedule, and works out the best way to meet your needs. It’s no surprise that creating low carbon and efficient homes is costly, and you want your home to work to the best of its standards and ability. I look at the IES as the cherry on top, and advocate for its addition to properties. I’ve heard of some situations in which the IES has been able to see the heat loss in a building and point to where it’s coming from so that it can be fixed.

More information here: Homepage - Sero

What we do — iOpt Limited (ioptassets.com)

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Hannah Richardson, Net Zero Engagement Officer, TPAS Cymru