Second All Wales Annual Tenant Survey - The right to feel safe and warm

Our Tenant Pulse reports offer insight into the thoughts and perceptions of tenants across Wales and this report reflects that. Our Second Annual Tenant Survey reflects the voices of tenants in every county in Wales and from a wide range of backgrounds.

We believe the findings and recommendations offer valuable insight into the challenges tenants are experiencing right now, and how tenants feel and are responding to the current cost of living, energy and affordability crisis’.

Tenant Pulse is the official Wales-wide panel for tenants giving their views on the things that matter right to them. It was created 5 years ago by TPAS Cymru (under a programme of work supported by Welsh Government). It’s run quarterly on topical issues to help shape housing policy in Wales. It covers tenants of both social housing (Housing Associations and Council housing) plus private renters and those in supported housing.

If you are a tenant, why not join our Tenant Pulse panel and have your say? 

Report name: Second All Wales Annual Tenant Survey - The right to feel safe and warm

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For a quick overview, here is the official press release. 

Lead authors: David Wilton and Eleanor Speer

TPAS Cymru would like to thank all of the tenants who dedicated their time to complete the surveys. We truly appreciate your time.

To view the recording of our Annual Tenant Survey debrief event, click here.

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The winners of the Prize Draw were:
  • Sue Carleton - Taff Housing Tenant
  • Yvonne McCarroll - Wrexham Council Tenant
  • Marian Hart - Private Tenant from Carmarthenshire