This year TPAS are launching Youth Voice Week, which aims to highlight young people and their opinions

Youth Engagement Week Introduction

Youth Voice Week 2-6th November 2020 – what you need to know

This year TPAS are launching Youth Voice Week, which aims to highlight young people and their opinions. We think it’s very important to consider young people’s opinions, as we believe they will have the greatest effect on the world we live in.

As the week commencing November 2nd marks six months until the next Senedd election and also the first time 16 and 17 year olds will be able to vote, we are launching a week of videos, blogs and competitions.

So what can you do now?

  1. We want to give shouts out to projects that give you people a voice in their communities.  Sent us a line or 2 about what it is inc an website/social media links and we will try to feature in in our Shout Out section of the week. Send to [email protected]
  2. Get think how you are going to win a prize.  We want to hear all about how you have created change, or would create change in your area, should you get the chance. We’ll be giving out prizes throughout the week, so keep your eye on our social media platforms to see the newest competition!

We’ve created a handy summary of the competitions we’re holding on each day, so that you can prepare your answers for the week ahead!

Monday 2nd November:

As we are promoting young people and their voices and opinions this week, we would love to hear about campaigns that you were a part of when you were under 25. It’s so important for us to consider the young people in our areas, and what they would like to be different. So whether you are old or young, we’d like to hear about a campaign that you were a part of at that time in your life and why it was so important for you to be a part of it.

Tuesday 3rd November:

We know that being part of a campaign isn’t always easy and straightforward, but with focus and drive we can achieve anything. We would love to hear about a time where you were part of something that successfully achieved local change. Tell us how you did it and the steps you took to get there, as the journey to creating change is just as important as the change itself!

Wednesday 4th November:

As a nation we are constantly changing and evolving each day both locally and on a national level. There are constantly new campaigns and initiatives popping up, that are all as important as the next. So we would like you to tell us about your ideas for a local campaign that you would like to start. Without ideas big or small, change would never be achieved, so whatever your idea is, let us know about it.

Thursday 5th November:

Young people being allowed to vote in the Welsh elections awards them an opinion in Welsh politics and gives them more of a voice than they’ve had before. But we can always do more than we currently are. In light of this, what tools/techniques would you use to help young people in Wales have a voice? Would you use social media? Or write to the press? We believe that each and every person deserves a voice.

Friday 6th November:

Being First Minister of Wales is a huge responsibility, that faces the criticism of the Nation every day, as the eyes of Wales are constantly watching. We would like to know what one thing you would change if you were First Minister of Wales for just one day. Friday’s competition will only run until 12 noon, so get your entries in early so that you can be in the running for the prize!

Winners of the competitions will be announced on Friday afternoon (6th), so keep your eyes peeled to see who the winners are and what they can win! Good luck everyone, don’t be shy about sharing your stories as we want to hear them all.