TPAS Helpline


Here are some examples of the types of advice we have given over the last few months:

  • One of our member organisations was looking to embrace ‘Lean process methodology’. The Officer concerned was unsure how TP fitted into ‘Lean’ and asked for our advice. We were able to put them in touch with our sister organisation in Northern Ireland (Communities Together) who have great resources/good practice examples on using Lean for TP.
  • A tenant group was interested in learning more about pooling together to enable them to get a group discount for electricity. We were able to put them in touch with two other groups who had been successful in approaching their electricity supplier and gaining group purchase.
  • A Tenant called wanting to know about the Rented Homes Act was as they were going to attend a Board meeting of their Housing Association and felt they needed an overview. We were able to explain the key points to them over the phone and sent them an electronic copy of our ‘quick guide’ on the subject.
  • A Private rented sector tenant called for advice as they had been served with eviction. We explained that we weren’t able to offer them advice but we were able to sign-post them to an excellent local service who were able to give them expert, timely advice and the support they needed.
  • An officer approached us to ask about appropriate methods to carry out consultation with young people during a community event. TPAS Cymru was able to discuss the questions the landlord wanted to ask and suggest suitable informal/fun methods to engage with the young people. We also discussed the ways to collate and feedback the consultation findings to the wider tenant population.

For any advice on Tenant Participation, Community Engagement, latest good practice call TPAS Cymru on 02920 237303 or 01492 593046.