Some follow up information from the conference including links to various speaker presentations

Conference follow up information

It has been great to receive so many positive comments about our recent online conference. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed – we had over 450 questions and comments, over the 2 days.

We were delighted with the attendance - over 220 people from across Wales all passionate about housing and communities, and how to put tenants first

Detailed below is some follow up information from the conference including links to various speaker presentations.

  1. The various presentations from the 2 days are below
  1. The video recording of Housing Regulation session with Ian Walters (Welsh Government Regulation Team) and Dr. Bob Smith from the Regulatory Board for Wales (RBW) is here
  1. If you attended and haven’t already completed our conference evaluation we would love to have your feedback, it only takes a couple of minutes – please click here
  1.  As we had to amend the time for the ‘Hybrid meetings for Tenant and Community engagement’ session we are going to repeat the session again for conference attendees who may have missed it or if you want to hear the session again. This will be via Zoom. Full details below and how to register. 


Hybrid meetings for Tenant and Community engagement: What you need to know - David Wilton, TPAS Cymru

Post-pandemic, it’s estimated that 90% of organisations will adopt a combination of online and in-person activities.  Put simply, some people want to return to face to face meetings, other do not.   It may not be value for money or environmentally friendly to always travel to face-to-face events so a hybrid approach could provide solutions.  Hybrid meetings are more complex than meetings in person or virtually: it is easy to get them wrong.

In this session David will discuss how to get started in hybrid meetings and what you need to think about to make them work and avoid some of those common mishaps.

This is a repeat (free of charge) session from our Annual Conference for those conference attendees who may have missed it.