We believe young people should be celebrated. They are the generation who have the ability to change the world we live in.

Creating Change at a Young Age

We believe young people should be celebrated. They are the generation who have the ability to change the world we live in and have the greatest chance of creating change, in all aspects of the world we live in.

This year, Welsh teenagers, for the first time can vote in the Senedd Elections. It is believed that this could change the direction of Wales’ political future, with the modern opinions of 70,000 Welsh 16 and 17 years olds being added to the various Welsh Parliament party votes.

In light of young people being given a voice in Welsh politics, we want to celebrate teenagers around the world who have done amazing things. As in today’s modern world, they are becoming the catalyst of change.

As a nation, we know that young people have achieved success at a young age in the past, like Mark Zuckerberg creating Facebook at the age of 19, Steve Jobs creating Apple at 21, or even Justin Bieber who had a net worth of over $160 million by the age of 20 years old. As incredible as these achievements are, we want to shine a light on those creating a change to the lives of themselves or others.

Kelvin Doe, from Sierra Leone, encapsulates the change young people can create when they have the right determination. Kevin’s mission was to solve his local technology issues, which began he was just 11 years old. Following this, Kevin succeeded in his mission to power his neighbourhood using batteries that he made out of acid, soda and metal, all together in a tin cup. Kevin then used recycled materials that he used with a generator (that he also made from reused materials) to create a radio station in his community. Kelvin has become an icon for other young people in Sierra Leone as he continues to create change for his local area.

Hannah Herbst, who is just 17, created BEACON (Bringing Electricity Access to Countries through Ocean Energy.) Hannah’s product BEACON, captures energy from the ocean waves and as the potential to provide a power source for the world. Her overall mission is to provide BEACON to countries around the world to power their medical equipment and purify the countries water, making it a safer environment for people to live in.

Nicholas Lowinger became the creator of Gotta Have Sole, after meeting a brother and sister who were experiencing homelessness. The pair could not go to school on the same days, but took it in turns, as they had to share one pair of shoes between them. Nicholas gave the boy a pair of his own shoes, which in turn kicked off the Gotta Have Sole organisation, which has managed to donate over 90,000 pairs of shoes to homeless children. Nicholas’ story shows how one small act of kindness can turn into a company that helps thousands of people worldwide. The young people in this article really demonstrate how setting their mind to an idea can create an incredible level of change in their communities.

Cassandra Lin, was 11 when she discovered she could turn normal cooking oil into biofuel. She spoke to local businesses to ask if they would donate cooking oil waste to her to experiment with. She practiced this in her local areas and has now expanded to create Project TGIF (turn gas into fuel), which has now won her multiple environmental awards as recognition of her life changing work.

Maya Penn was just eight years old when she launched her own eco-friendly fashion label called Maya’s Ideas. She has gone on to deliver TED Talks, create jobs for others within her fashion house and created a non-profit called Maya’s Ideas 4 The Planet. A truly remarkable young person, creating opportunities for others while considering the environment and world that we live in.

These young individuals encapsulate the hardworking nature of the younger generation of today, they prove to us all that we are capable of creating change in our local areas and improving the world we live in. Any young person can be like all of these creators, if they set their mind to it and want to make a difference to modern life.