How Tenants & Housing Staff Can Lead Wales into a Low-Carbon Transformation


Decarb Week: Transforming Wales Together

How Tenants & Housing Staff Can Lead Wales into a Low-Carbon Transformation

19th – 23rd April 2021,

The Welsh Senedd were the first parliament in the world to announce a climate emergency. The housing sector is working hard to find the most effective and suitable methods to develop low/zero carbon homes and how to retrofit homes.

TPAS Cymru are leading the way with our first ever decarb themed week in Wales. This is an exclusive opportunity to explore the issues, opportunites and innovation.  You will hear from fantastic guest speakers, who are developing and experinecing first hand, the benefits of decarbonisation of homes. You will gain their invaluable insights into one of the biggest challenges this planet has faced.

Each day we will host a different session:

  • Monday 19th April: 11:00 - 12:30: How housing can lead Wales into a lower carbon world. (free for tenants & small charge of housing staff) 
    This is the opening event of our Decarb themed week;  Arup Group & Community Housing Cymru will set out for why housing is key to decarbonising Wales. The challenges are big, but so are the rewards.
    We will give a fantastic overview of the key issues relating to the decarbonisation agenda and look at how social housing plays a crucial role in contributing to these changes. There will be a chance for questions and discussion with the panel.
    This is for everyone in Housing (tenants & staff).  We will keep jargon to a minimum and focus on what it means to you.
  • Tuesday 20th April: 14:00 - 15:30: How you can make a difference: What we can do in our homes and communities to reduce our carbon footprint and save the future.  (free event).   
    3 organisations will give you an insight into amazing projects in Wales that are making significant differences to our communities.
  • Wednesday 21st April: 10:30 - 12:30: RETRO FIT:  Everything you need to know about Retrofit and how it will benefit us all.  (with a small charge)
    You need to get up to speed on this issue!   For tenants and housing staff, this is likely to be the biggest housing issue for coming decades.  Hundreds of thousands of existing homes in Wales will need to change as we look at reducing energy consumption across existing homes. It will impact you.
  • This is a 2 part event (with a small charge)
    Thursday 22nd April: 11:00 - 12:30 Futuristic low carbon homes – what can tenants expect.  Be inspired by the exciting and innovative homes being developed with new technologies and heating systems. See the future now. 
  • Thursday 22nd April: 14:00 - 15:30 This is what our communities will look like in future! 
    It's time to rethink our communities in light of decarb and pandemic.  We explore the wider issues not just housing. It's about our jobs, our economy and our community.   If you don't know what the Circular Economy should come to this session as its key to Wales going forward. Repair Cafe Wales are also joining this session to talk about their plans. 
  • Friday 23rd April: 10:00 - 11:30: Why you need a ‘Library of Things’ in your area! Save money + save the planet. Everything you need to act. (free session).
    A 'Library of Things' hold items like power drills, tents, musical instruments, lawnmowers etc which are expensive, but used infrequently so that people can borrow at low prices as required.  We've a expert from Benthyg Cymru, who can explain why its so important to our communities, answer your questions about how it works, and update you on plans for more of these vital services across Wales. 

Are you a tenant – why you should attend? 

  1. This is likely to be the biggest issue in housing coming up – potentially lasting decades.
  2. It could require significant physical changes to your home and community.
  3. It could change how you live within your home.
  4. It will impact on rents, but potentially save on energy bills
  5. Get up to speed now, so you can help shape your landlord’s strategy.

If you work in housing:  

  1. This is the biggest issue for the next decade. You and your tenant groups will be benefit by learning more.
  2. By coming along with your tenants, it will bring everyone up to speed on the challenges and benefits. 
  3. It will make your job easier, as tenants will be up to date on the issues and benefits.
  4. Tenants will become excited, and more open to the changes & challenges ahead etc.   

Other benefits 

  1. TPAS Cymru sessions are easy to digest.
  2. You will gain invaluable knowledge over short sharp sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions and have your opinions heard.
  3. There will be opportunities to network with other members.
  4. Decarb is being discussed right now, but often from a technical perspective. We want to focus on how it can improved quality of life for tenants and create more resilient communities in Wales.
  5. It is an exciting opportunity to understand what and how the future of Wales will look.


Not a member and don’t want to miss out?

Join TPAS Cymru through a simple email to [email protected] and secure a place now.

  • TPAS Cymru, as the tenant engagement organisation for Wales run a busy programme of annual events, training, and briefings for tenants & the housing sector.
  • In 2020, we tested the concept of focused themed weeks such as Health & Safety Week, Community Resilience, Youth Engagement. What makes it different to other organisations is a range of events for different audiences: some strategic, some basic/education to wider knowledge and some specialist events for detailed discussion on certain subjects.
  • We have plans for further themed weeks this year

Booking options

You can book on to attend all session that week or individual sessions via the links above. 

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