Having recently given evidence to the National Assembly for Wales's inquiry into fire saftey in high rise blocks, TPAS Cymru sets out how the Tenant Pulse Community shaped the evidence that it gave. 

Here’s what you told us ahead of the National Assembly for Wales’ inquiry into fire safety in high rise blocks

Last Thursday, (July 13) TPAS Cymru were invited, alongside other organisations, to go and give evidence at a one-day inquiry, held at the National Assembly for Wales, into fire safety in high rise blocks.  To inform our response, TPAS Cymru issued a short survey to the Tenant Pulse community, to gather their views on fire safety in Wales. Given the short time window for collecting the views of tenants, the survey was only issued to those members of Tenant Pulse who had stated that they were prepared to take part in surveys on line. Paper copies will be available for our subsequent surveys.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the survey. The responses were incredibly detailed and provided us with some important information that we could share with the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee at the National Assembly. We have prepared a brief report summarising your responses. We hope that this will provide you with an opportunity to compare your experiences with those of other tenants across Wales. For those of you that are interested in knowing how we used your responses you can watch our Director, David Wilton, giving evidence to the inquiry.  

As a token of our appreciation, all those who completed the survey were entered a prize draw to win £20 worth of High Street Shopping Vouchers. We are delighted to announce that the winner is Mr Collier, a tenant of Family Housing Association. The vouchers will be with you shortly.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our Pulse Community, and for your chance to win some vouchers then why not sign up, today.