Here's what the Tenant Pulse Community told us about repairs services in social housing in Wales.


Tenant Priorities on Repairs

Property maintenance and ensuring the delivery of a quality repairs service have long been priorities for tenants in Wales. In TPAS Cymru’s recently published report, The Tenants Voice on Value for Money, 26% of tenants in Wales said that having homes that were maintained to a good standard was the most important thing for them when considering whether their rent provided good value for money, second only to the affordability of their rent/service charge (31%). Despite this, tenants attending a range of networking and training events hosted by TPAS Cymru, often cite concerns about the delivery of their landlord’s repairs service.


In order to tackle these concerns, TPAS Cymru decided to conduct a survey of the Tenant Pulse community. The purpose of this survey is not to look at the overall satisfaction of Welsh tenants with the repairs service they receive from their landlord, but rather, to look at what are the priorities of tenants in Wales when it comes to the repairs service they receive. It is hoped that the results of this survey will allow the Welsh Government and social landlords to work with Welsh tenants to ensure that social landlords develop systems for their repairs services that accurately reflect the priorities of their tenants.  



  1. Information gathering at 3 regional Tenant Networks in May 2018 to help frame the survey questions and to gather detailed views.
  2. Tenant Pulse – on-line and postal survey for Tenant Pulse members, issued May 2018.

Thanks to all of tenants who took the time to complete the surveys and attended our events. The responses were incredibly detailed and provided us with some important information that we could share with the Welsh Government. TPAS Cymru have prepared a short report, setting out these responses. We hope that this will provide tenants with an opportunity to compare your experiences with those of other tenants across Wales, whilst allowing landlords and other stakeholders to develop their understanding of tenant perspectives and priorities.  

To access the report in full, click here