Communication Methods and News

Not all people use the same communication methods. There are the tech-savvy, who look forward to a new app or website, and there are those who prefer the traditional ways of doing things. Use this survey to tell us how you find out news, and how you want your landlord to communicate with you. We'll send your opinions anonymously to landlords, so that they can contact you in the ways you feel most comfortable.

"I am pleased to be on tenant pulse so that the powers that be can listen to what the tenant wants."


Mrs McWhirter

Clwyd Alyn HA

Our Promise   (ie the Terms & Conditions)

1)  We will only ask questions that match your profile.
2)  You will never be obligated to fill in a survey
3) You can leave or stop receiving invites to complete surveys at anytime

4) We might from time to time ask you questions from other Housing bodies (like the Regulator) that we have checked and approved. We will make that clear and provide incentives.