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Making the Most of Multi-media for Participation
The Power of Video: Making the most of your smartphone/tablet for effective participation
The Renting Homes (Wales) Act: Get prepared for implementation NORTH
Openness & Transparency: Meeting new expectations - North
Video Participation - Realising the Power of Video - COLWYN BAY
Openness & Transparency: Meeting new expectations - Swansea
Disability Network - North Wales
Value for Money and the Role of Tenants
Scrutiny: Meeting Changing Expectations ½ day seminar SOUTH
Participation Without Meetings
Renting Homes (Wales) Act - An update - TPAS Cymru North Wales
Outcomes for Service User Involvement North
Back to Basics: Getting More People Involved - South
Participation Without Meetings - North
Participation: Meeting changing expectations - SOUTH
Engaging with Diverse & Underrepresented Groups
Housing Association Regulation: The big update 2018 (West)
Using Digital for Tenant & Community Engagement (Carmarthen)
New Approaches for Participation
Tenant Involvement in Landlord Health & Safety (North)
Effective Complaints within social housing – Opportunities not threats SOUTH
Inclusive Engagement: Getting it Right (Cardiff)
Accountability & Transparency: getting it right for Tenants and Residents (Llandrindod Wells)
All Wales Officers Network 2019
Homes & Communities: opportunities and challenges for the North Wales region
Inclusive Engagement - Getting It Right
Hearing the Tenants’ Voice – Getting ‘The Right Stuff’ right - Swansea
Involving Tenants in Value for Money (North)
Webinar - How to transform your fundraising or community income with tap to donate
Covid-19 all-Wales Tenant survey: what were the key messages from tenants?
Communicating with tenants during a crisis: 10 things to think about.
Tenant Scrutiny: can it be done remotely?
Crowdfunding: What you need to know
'Comms Club’ – new online communications forum
The 5 big issues tenants should be involved in. - Webinar
Regulation of Housing Associations: the essential update - Webinar
Are you considering Communal Wi-Fi in social housing
Reintroducing services for tenants: 10 things you need to do now.
What was Stock Transfer? Interview with Keith Edwards
Moving Tenant Involvement Activities Online
The Comms Club
Tenant Involvement Activities Online: what works for tenants
How to Rock at running Webinars.
Using Simple Digital Tools to Create and Improve Local Communities.
Tenant Involvement in Landlord Health & Safety
Using Simple Digital Tools to Improve Local Communities Resilience
H&S in Housing: Post Grenfell, where are we now, what’s next for fire safety?
Health & Safety Staff Forum
How to be a tenant focused board and board member: The 5 ‘A’s of good tenant focused governance
'Time for Tenants' - Tenant Network
Engaging with Tenants during Winter Lockdown – All Wales Officers Network
Nudging your way through tenant engagement
The Comms Club
Tenants Network
Shaping our Future Communities
Community Regeneration: What works? – Staff Forum
Asset Based Community Development – Everything you need to know
Online Tenants Forum
Scrutiny Forum
Local Authority Officers Network
Your Senedd, Your Voice: Influencing the Welsh Parliament
Tenant Network Online - North
Tenant Network Online - South/West
2020 TPAS Cymru National ‘Recognition Awards’
Officers Network South
Officers Network North & West Wales
Regulation of housing associations in Wales
Making digital inclusion in housing work: Staff Forum
Tenants Network
Disability Network
How to run positive and effective online meetings
Supported Housing Staff Network
Housing and the Complaints Standards Authority
The 'Comms Club'
Safer Buildings in Wales: What you need to know
Local Authority Staff network
Tenant Network 04.02.21
Tenants Network 10.02.21
Introduction to Housing Policy
Value for Money – How to Involve Tenants in VFM
Officers Network March 2021
Tenant Satisfaction Surveys Forum
Senedd Elections - all you need to know (North)
Senedd Elections – all you need to know (West)
Senedd Elections – all you need to know (South)
Tenant Network (Afternoon)
Tenant Network (Morning)
How to run positive and effective online meetings
How to minimise complaints – what your tenants REALLY want…
Digital Engagement Research Findings
How to get the most out of Zoom for your online meetings and events?
How to get the most out of MS Teams for your online meetings and events
Decarb Week: How Housing can lead Wales into a lower carbon world
Decarb Week: How you can make a difference: What we can do in our homes and communities to reduce our carbon footprint and save the future
Decarb Week: Everything you need to know about Retrofit and how it will benefit us all
Decarb Week: Futuristic low carbon homes – what can tenants expect?
Decarb Week: This is what our communities will look like in the future
Decarb Week: Why you need a ‘Library of Things’ in your area. Save money and save the planet. Everything you need to act
How to use ‘Nudge’ type ideas to improve your communications
How to use ‘Nudge’ to improve your communications
Meet the Regulatory Board for Wales (RBW) and how you can influence and shape Welsh housing policy
Digital Platforms for Engagement: Exploring the various options
Online Facilitation Skills: essential tips & techniques
Constructive Questioning Skills for Scrutiny/Boards
Tenants Network April
Building a Toolkit for Agile and Inclusive Engagement – A Conversation
Disability Network
How to be a tenant focused board and board member: The 5 ‘A’s of good tenant focused governance
This is how we engage tenants when we decarbonise homes
The 'Comms Club' May 2021
Officers Network June 2021
Tenants Network June 2021
Renting Homes Model Contracts – What you need to know
Tenant consultation session - The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (model contracts)
Local Authority Officers consultation session - The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (model contracts)
Community Regeneration Forum
Housing Association Officers consultation session - The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (model contracts)
Scrutiny Forum
Inclusive engagement – getting it right in a new world
Moving tenant engagement forward – the view from across GB
The 10 Key issues tenants need to be involved in going forward
Tenant Network - What does the future of Tenant Involvement look like?
Officers Network July
Carrying out Engaging Tenant Satisfaction Surveys
Regulatory Consultation Workshop - Tenants Session
Regulatory Consultation Workshop - Staff Session
Regulatory Consultation Workshop - Mixed Tenants & Staff Session
Thinking About Being a Board Member? All you need to know
Tenants Network September
Comms Club
Safer Buildings in Wales: what it means for you
Tenant Network: Health and Safety and your landlord
Health & Safety Staff Forum – sharing, learning and good practice
Landlord Health & Safety communications: getting them right for tenants
Involving Tenants in Health and Safety issues